Editing Software for Dummies

The Easiest and most User Friendly Video Editing Software that will make you look like a pro

This week, we’ll call it video editing software week, we will delve in deeper about the best video editing software for beginners available out there in the market today. There are a lot of free and affordable video editors that you can easily download on the internet nowadays. But at the moment, I’m going to feature one of the easiest Video Editing software that has cooler features, an intuitive and user friendly interface that would let you deliver crisp and slick results. The rendered video would look so good, that it will make your viewers think it’s being designed by a professional videographer.

Professional Videographer

First of all, I would like to thank Brad and company for trusting me as their expert videographer. The other week, I was contacted by them through email to make a promotional video about their brand. The advertising manager wanted a candid and informative video commercial for The Company to promote it as one of the most popular Horse Fly Trap brands on the market. I will be using Cyberlink Power Editor because this is one of the best free video editing software that I would like to recommend to newbies, and to those who are still trying to learn how to master their craft in video editing.

I highly recommend Cyberlink Power Editor because of its high learning curve. Meaning, the graphic interface is highly intuitive and can be easily learned and mastered especially by beginners. Why did I say it can be easily learned? When I first started using the free version of Cyberlink, I didn’t have a hard time learning it because it actually has similar functions like the other basic video editing software out there. Aside from that there are also many video tutorials available online when you want to learn new cutting edge techniques in film cutting and visual effects. 

Aside from its easy and customizable UI, Cyberlink also offers a lot of plugins like virtual animated objects and particles, video effects, presets, transitions, that users can easily insert on their image or video. Users can just download them easily and use them according to their design, preference and whatever purpose that it may serve. Best part of these plug-ins are, it won’t give you a hassle especially when you’re trying to install, edit and uninstall it. You can do all these things easily anytime of the day. If you’re out of memory, you will definitely love this video editing software because it will save much of your memory unlike other video editors out there.

The astounding result is a flawless crisp looking Commercial which is shown in most households across the U.S.  The video commercial look so professionally designed, and it even impressed some of my friends who thought that I used a premium software for it. Well, I can only attest to the common adage, that the best things in life are for free. In my case, I got the best video rendered for free thanks to Cyberlink. You may download their software on their web site for free anytime of the day.